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-Mike, Doug and Team Barbell Shrugged
FLIGHT SCHOOL: Olympic Weightlifting Training
Learn step-by-step how to Snatch, Clean and Jerk with great technique from experienced coaches so you can lift heavier weights, get more PRs more often and impress the sh*t out of your friends.
What is FLIGHT School and why did we make it?
There's no doubt that Olympic Weightlifting is probably one of the hardest and most difficult sports to learn. With much to think about and practice, it can be down-right intimidating to even get started. And if even if you do get started, the difficulty of learning and frustration of not knowing what to do to get better can make you give it up really quickly, especially if you don't have a coach to show you how.

Honestly, that's the BEST way to get better at the Olympic lifts. Find an experienced coach and ask them to help teach you how to snatch, clean and jerk and over time with practice you can get really good.

But not everyone has access to a coach nearby. Experienced Weightlifting coaches are still really hard to find. If you're really determined, you can try to teach yourself by watching YouTube or Instagram videos but that will only get you so far (trust me, I've been there and done that).

If you really want learn you need to find someone to explain and show you good technique. Someone to show you how to get into a good start position, how to finish the pull, how to pull under the bar with confidence and speed in the snatch and clean and how to dip & drive so you can get that Jerk PR you've been chasing. 

This is why we created FLIGHT School.

We wanted to create a hands-on, easy-to-follow and entertaining way to learn exactly how to snatch, clean and jerk with really good technique to help the athletes in our FLIGHT Weightlifting program.

We didn't want our athletes to continue to use YouTube to learn how to lift weights. We didn't want them to worry about having to teach themselves and worry about whether they are learning it wrong.

We wanted to show and train them how to lift properly right from Day 1, as if they walked into a barbell club and started working directly with the coach while making sure to hammer and detail the basics for beginners but also cover concepts for intermediate and even advanced lifters to fine-tune their technique.

We also didn't want to bore your ass off. Because who wants to sit through a bunch of boring videos? We tried to make it as fun as possible. There's gonna be jokes, some funny cues from Kurt, and bloopers just to make the entire learning process more fun because that's just how we like to do it at Shrugged.

We also wanted to give aspiring weightlifting, strength and/or CrossFit® coaches a good resource to help them simplify teaching the lifts to their own athletes.

We brought all of our experience as coaches, lifters and what we've learned working with other coaches like Justin Thacker, Travis Mash, and Diane Fu and put it into one package that we're now releasing separately from the FLIGHT program so that you can improve your technique regardless of whatever training program you're doing or path you're on.

It's our way of spreading the good word about the snatch, clean and jerk and helping as many as we can become successful and accomplish their goals and aspirations in this sport.

And by the end of the course you will have learned:
- The major points of good technique and performance for the Snatch, Clean and Jerk
- The progressions for learning the Snatch and Clean from the floor as well as the Jerk
- The points of performance for each of the key positions of the Snatch, Clean and Jerk
- Technique drills for the movements in the each progression
- How to properly warm-up and practice technique for the Snatch, Clean and Jerk
- How to adjust the progression and drills if you lack the proper mobility
- What good and not-so good technique or positions look like.
- How and when to address common errors or flaws with the Snatch, Clean or Jerk with drills and cuesin yourself and others
- How and when to address common errors or flaws with the Snatch, Clean or Jerk with strength or accessory work in yourself and other

It's all focused on helping transform you in a better weightlifter so you can hit PRs on your Snatch, Clean and Jerk more often and look like damn Sexual Tyrannosaurus when you do it..just like me :)

Keep reading below to learn exactly how we're going to help you do all that.

What you'll get
FLIGHT School: Weightlifting 101
You'll start here by learning the basic positions and mechanics and gradually progress towards full snatches, cleans and jerks.  Over the 12 video lessons (7 "chapters"), we'll teach you how to snatch, clean and jerk with great technique using the best method that we've found for teaching Olympic Weightlifting.

We know learning Weightlifting can be super-frustrating and a huge learning curve. That's why we'll demo all movements of the progressions, explain step-by-step how to perform them and explain how not to perform them so you can know when you're not quite getting it.

We'll also cover when to use these progressions in your current training so you immediately start improving your technique regardless of whatever training program you're doing.

See everything we cover in Weightlifting 101 below...

Squatting Quad Pulling & Power Jerk Progression
We'll start by teaching the snatch and clean pull from the squatting quad position to train good bar path, leg drive and hip extension (finishing your pull) without making it complicated  worrying about going overhead. We'll also cover the dip & drive, footwork and technique to perform a good power jerk.

Video 1: Snatch Squatting Quad Pulling Progression

Video 2: Clean Squatting Quad Pulling Progression

Video 3: The Power Jerk Progression
The 3 Part Pausing Pulling Progression
Now we'll teach you how to get into the 3 key bar-body positions when pulling from the floor with a loaded barbell. Learning these positions will ensure you have the best bar path to move the most weight.  Again we'll only focus on the pull for now to make it simple.

Video 4: The 3 Part Pause Pulling Progression
The 3-2-1 Pulling Progression
You've learned the positions, now we'll teach you tempo to perform a full, fluid lift from the floor. You'll learn how and when to accelerate the bar to get a nasty pull that will send the bar flying upwards.

Video 5: The 3-2-1 Pulling Progression

Squatting Quad Turnover Progression
Now it's time to learn how to turn the bar over and receive it in an overhead squat for the snatch and in the front squat for the clean. We'll also introduce the muscle and power variations as part of our progression to train the turnover, footwork, aggression and speed.

Video 6: The Squatting Quad Snatch Turnover Progression

Video 7: The Squatting Quad Clean Turnover Progression
The 3 Part Pausing Turnover Progression
Here we'll reinforce the 3 key bar-body positions you learned previously and add the components of the turnover for the snatch and clean.

Video 8: The 3 Part Pausing Snatch Turnover Progression

Video 9: The 3 Part Pausing Clean Turnover Progression

The 3-2-1 Pausing Turnover Progression
We'll continue to hammer down the positions with the addition of the turnover. By the end of these progressions, you should be fully able to snatch and clean from the floor with the proper technique and speed.

Video 10: The 3-2-1 Snatch Turnover Progression

Video 11: The 3-2-1 Clean Turnover Progression

The Split Jerk Progression
We'll wrap up Weightlifting 101 by covering the technique for the split jerk. We'll teach you how to get into a proper split position, the dip & drive, and drills to improve your speed and stability.

Video 12: The Split Jerk Progression

FLIGHT School: Weightlifting 201
Once you've got the technique down from Weightlifting 101, you'll need to spend some time hammering out specific errors and flaws in your lifting.

To help you, in Weightlifting 201, we'll cover commonly seen flaws of the snatch, clean and jerk and specifically address how to correct them. We'll share a bunch of exercises, drills, and cues we've picked up over the years that are used to help fix common technique issues like an early arm bend, "stripper pulling", or not "finishing the pull".

You'll learn why, how and when to use these corrective cues and exercises so you can actually correct movement in yourself and others and not just shout cues expecting something magical to happen.

With each lesson, you'll also get a summary PDF of the flaws, cues and corrections discussed in the video along with a compilation additional resources like TechniqueWODs and articles to further help you master the concepts discussed in the videos.

Here's what's covered in Weightlifting 201..

Common Errors for the Start Positions
We'll show how to address errors that lead to a poor start position like having a rounded back, rounded shoulders and poor hip position with cues and corrections.
Common Errors for the 1st Pull
Get fixes, strength exercises and technique drills for poor bar path off the floor (bar moving around knees), the "stripper pull" and being toe-heavy during the lift off the floor.

Common Errors for the Transition
We'll cover how to train yourself out of an early-arm bend and how to stay patient during the transition so you can finish your pull.

Common Errors for the 2nd Pull
 If you've been told to "finish your pull" but have no idea how to do that, this video will show you the exercises and drills you need to do. We'll also show you how to keep the bar close after the extension when you #GiveTheBarABaby.
Common Errors for the Turnover
Getting to the bottom of a snatch or clean with speed and confidence is probably one of the hardest things to learn in Weightlifting. In this video, we'll give you some drills and exercises to improve getting to the bottom and addressing other errors with the turnover.
Common Errors for the Jerk
We'll finish out Weightlifting 201 covering errors with the elements of the jerk like the dip & drive, going overhead and foot position.
Plus these THREE free bonuses...
Critiques & Corrections: Slow-Mo Video Analysis of Olympic Weightlifting Technique
Doug Larson analyzes technique of an elite lifter so you can clearly see what you should do, what not to do and how to fix lifting flaws in yourself and others. ($97 value)

Shrugged Summit 2015: Warmup Progressions & Drills Seminar
A 2-part video seminar from the 2015 Shrugged Summit, where Alex Maclin covers additional drills and warmup progressions for the snatch, clean and jerk. ($47 value)

12 Week Warmup and Technique Add-on Program
12 weeks worth of warmup drills and progressions covered in FLIGHT School that you can add onto any programming you are currently doing so you can practice and improve your Weightlifting technique. Complete with movement demos. With this you'll have no excuse why you can't practice and get better! ($47 value)

How FLIGHT School works
Start whenever works best for you
You'll start getting access to the course as soon as you sign up. Start whenever you're ready.
Go at your own speed
The program will be delivered through the member site all at once. Take your time and go through it as intended.
Multimedia content
The program is delivered through videos and PDFs. Download and view content through your phone, tablet or PC
Go back and revisit the course whenever
Your materials will be available in the member site for you to review, go back if you had to take a break, or start the course over if you need to. 
Who's it for? Who's it not for?
This course anyone looking to improve their technique for the Olympic lifts or learn how to teach others how to snatch, clean and jerk with good technique.

We've had a large amount of success using FLIGHT school with our FLIGHT Weightlifting program. We've seen lifters of all skill levels benefit. From athletes never touching a barbell before, to competitive weightlifters already lifting impressive weights looking to clean up their technique, to coaches looking for new methods and cues to teach their own athletes the lifts, the feedback has been that FLIGHT School has been an excellent resource and tool. 

If you don't have any or very little experience or confidence with the Olympic lifts, FLIGHT School is going to help you out a ton.We designed it to be simple and easy to understand for beginners who have done very little practice. In fact, if you're a pure beginner, that's even better because you'll be a clean slate to learn great technique.

If you've dabbled in the Olympic lifts for a few years but are still struggling because you don't have a coach or good direction for practicing technique, then FLIGHT School will solve that by providing exact progressions and instruction to learn the lifts from experienced coaches.

Although most of the things we cover are fundamentals, intermediate and advanced lifters can still benefit. How? 1) you're never too advanced to practice the basics and clean things up 2) we cover specific drills and exercises more advanced lifters need to clean up their technique so that they can lift more weight and be more competitive. The progression we've adapted and used in FLIGHT School has been used to teach and coach lifters from beginner to world-class. What's taught in FLIGHT School works for all skill levels. 

So if you're an athlete looking to improve your technique for the Olympic lifts and/or a coach who wants and to learn an easy way to teach others how to snatch, clean and jerk with good technique, then FLIGHT School is for you.

You gonna dream all day about that snatch PR or you gonna do something about it?
  Why put off taking your weightlifting to the next level?Quit daydreaming and stalling and let's do this!
You can get FLIGHT School with all the bonuses totaling $732 in value right now.

Also this course comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee of your satisfaction.
So if for any reason you are not satisfied with this course, simply let us know and you'll receive a full refund.

Weightlifting 101
18 videos totaling 3 hours of content ($297 value)
Shrugged Summit 2015 Weightlifting Seminar
The Shrugged Summit weightlifting drills and warmup progression seminar
($47 value)
Weightlifting 201
6 videos totaling 1.5 hours of content + summary PDFs with additional resources ($197 value)
Critiques & Corrections: Slow-mo Analysis
Slow-mo technique analysis videos
($97 value)
12 Week Warmup & Technique Add-on Program
Printable add-on snatch, clean and jerk practice program + video movement demos ($47 value)
Get FLIGHT School now.